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Directories and their importance for Search Engine Rankings

A directory is merely a website that has a categorized listing of links all over the web. They assist the people who surfs the internet to locate the top and the most informative links for a particular category. Say for example a category named "home and garden" where it list out links for home improvement and gardening. And hence a collection of categories can be seen in directory where links are separated. To make out division of links more precise prefer sub-categories under categories.

Directories are most important for building up link popularity. Usually web site performance is determined by link popularity. If there's a quality of links pointing to a web site then its rank get increased. Thus their search engine ranking is improved. They are outstanding source of inbound, one-way links which helps you to build link popularity. At present there are massive amount of directories. These directories range from more categories to most specific categories. Say for example, website about fishing. It also helps your website to be listed within many directories and hence this will surely help you a lot to strike up the competition in rankings.

Listing out the links varies between one directory to another because each will handle their own process. There is a mixture of fees and free directory i.e. some needs payment and some won't. If you pay then your link will be listed in the directory within one week time or else it may take weeks or several months and no guarantee that the link will be added.

Try to get listed in quality directories say Yahoo and DMOZ, it favors for your link popularity when compared to other directories.

DMOZ is the one of the most significant directory in this present world. But keep a note it is not easy task to get listed in this directory. If you want your site to be within top ranking then go for DMOZ directory.

DMOZ is the most important directory that exists on the web today. It is an open directory project. It is most comprehensive and largest human-edited directory of the web. It is been maintained by global community of volunteer editors. Getting listing in this directory is critical if you aim to achieve top rankings. But make a note,

1. Listing is free of cost in DMOZ.
2. Nearly it takes one to six months to get listed or it may extents.

Yahoo is next to DMOZ. It is also the most powerful directory. If you want to be in top ranking then prefer Yahoo.

1. Yahoo accepts both types of listing paid as well as free.
2. Time of listing depends upon the method of listing. I.e. if you pay then inclusion takes just few days or else several months.

Web site information is needed to submit a link to a directory. Say information's like

1. The most essential one is description of website.
2. Next is URL and Title of the website.
3. Followed by Keywords which is also vital one.

Get ready with all this information's and use the same if you are submitting to multiple directories. Try to place key phrases into title text and description text you submit, particularly into the anchor text optimization. Hope you know that keywords describe about your website.

If some one performs search within directory then it make use of keywords to locate your site. Say for example, one submits the keyword as "lawn" then he/she has a better connce to be listed in directory's search result when someone searches within it using the keyword "lawn". And hence the most important aspect is to get focused on writing key phrase. Make sure it has rich title and description entries when compared to keywords during submission.

1.Have a look at these tips for submitting to directories

If you choose free listing then you have to be patient. Always free listing is given lower priority when compared to pay listing. It takes longer time to get into some directories so you get frustrated. So try to be patient.

2.Prefer to submit your link to suitable category

Mostly every directory will tell that it is easier job to listing your links. Make a note here not only directory's editors work is made easier but also search engines will look at other links that surrounds you on the page where you are listed on and if they are in similar theme then this will surely boost your rankings.

3.While submitting to a directory tries to keep a log

During submitting write down the name of the directory and date of submission into the log (prefer excel sheet). This will prevent submitting more than once to same directory. If your link gets listed in the directory then mark it into your log.

And hence to build your site's link popularity and to improve search engine rankings the best way is to submit your link to directories. And hence there may be more directories try to pick up the best and proceed with it. Before submitting select an appropriate category for your website. For submitting all you need is lots of patience and little effort. Finally your search engine rankings will thank you for your superfluous effort.




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