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Yahoo Search Engine

The new Yahoo! Search offers these services and tools to assist you find what you are looking for, faster as well as easier than ever.

Yahoo offers the following types of searches:

Web Search:

Yahoo makes use of powerful search algorithm powered by its crawler, Yahoo Slurp, to list WebPages related to keywords that are entered by the user.

News Search:

This section is used to search for news stories, pictures, and audio and/or video.

Image Search:

The Yahoo image search is used find out photos as well as illustrations from all over the Web. It lists images by crawling the image source (src) tag and lists them.

Directory Search:

It lists WebPages from the yahoo directory, related to keywords that are entered by the user.

Yellow Pages Search:

It is used to search for local businesses serving a specific area.

Product Search:

This search is used to find product reviews also their prices on the web.

Search Tips

• Try to make use of specific words rather than general words. For instance:    If you are searching for the history of books, use "history of books" rather    than "books".
• Avoid using words with more than one meaning.
• For including and excluding words, use + and -.
• You can also use logical words like OR, AND.
• To search for an exact phrase, include quotation marks.

Search Meta Words

Here is a list of special keywords that give you results inimitable to that special keyword instruction. You can enter these meta words straightaway into the Yahoo! Search box.

• Site: This allows one to find out all documents in a particular domain and all    its sub domains.

• Hostname: This allows one to find out all documents from a particular host    only.
   Example: &

• Link: This allows one to find out a documents that link to a particular URL.
   Example: link:http://www.

• Url: This alllows one to find out a specific document in yahoo's index.
   Example: Url:http://www.

• Inurl: This allows one to find out a specific keyword as part of indexed urls.
   Example: inurl:Indiaseos

• Intitle: This allows one to find out a specific keyword as part of the indexed    titles.
   Example: intitle:Indiaseos

Yahoo purchased Overture (the foremost Pay Per Click provider) in the middle of 2003. By purchasing Overture, Yahoo now owns AltaVista as well as AllTheWeb (which were purchased by Overture earlier in the same year). By Feb. 2004, Yahoo stopped showing Google results on their Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and started using results based on their own database. The search results were now powered not just by Yahoo's algorithm, but also by technologies from AltaVista, Inktomi and AllTheWeb.

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