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Why Should We Consider Each And Every Page in SEO?

A website is a collection of smaller single page websites converging under a single banner. As each page has a unique URL, so each and every page can be considered as a sole identity. And to effectively optimize your site it's in your beneficial interest to treat every page as a unique identity. Though you have to maintain the continuity throughout the whole website for design and navigation, but for optimization you have to treat each page as separate entity.

Let us talk taking an example. Now you're visiting a site with an awesome homepage. It is having a rich and informative content, stunning design and lots of other features to hold your interest to the site. But after that, beyond the homepage the content is not on top of things and its quiet generic, the navigation becomes much complex and the linking is randomly done. So if you come across such a site than there are chances that you may be lured to further navigate the site depending on what you've seen on homepage. But what happen if you directly land to the page that is not well designed, doesn't have appropriate content and navigation, and then would you be giving time to it??

So you must not work just on half of the site, it may be decent but still not able to fulfill your expectations. To do that every single page has to be optimized and considered as sole unit.

Now if you're expecting visitors to come through Google, it is very much possible that the visitor can land on any of the web page. And this is much enviable also, instead of letting the visitor land on the home page and then search or navigates the site for further information; why not directly send him to the page of his interest. The webpage containing the service, category or the product.

So you have to optimize each and every page of your site, for both the search engine crawlers and the visitors. By doing so you will be certainly getting higher search engine ranking. This will not only help you in getting higher search engine ranking, but also in setting keywords as well as phrases relevant to that particular page.

In addition optimizing each page is time consuming, and for larger sites it's much difficult with the limited resources. You can't implement all the ideas and the changes at the same time, but the best thing you can start with is the content. Focus on getting more than 200 words on the page, project description, service or product review or something associated to the management and set the heading. This will help the search engines about what the webpage is about, and makes it search able. And it will help the visitors to decide on which page they have to land so that it would be of interest to them.

The other significant thing to optimize your web page is back links. The ideal situation would be having good % of back links, on each page rather than having it just on the home page. There must be many links on each of the page. This will help in creating trust and making the position of the page sturdy in the eyes of the search engine crawlers.

One of the ways to strengthen your links is to have a blog and embed it to the pages of your site. This will assist in reviewing your products and services, letting the people in contact with you, you can provide the information about the company and can pass on the information to the clients and visitors and create a chance to the people to get to your page.

The site is for visitors and they can land on any page. So every page is important, as you would love more and more people visiting your site and showing interest in what you've to offer. Thus for proper SEO treat every page as single identity and optimize it. Then only you can achieve your desired goal. Higher page rank and search engine ranking.



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