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The significance of Page Optimization in SEO

In order for your site to rank well, your internal linking structure is critical to your success. This is covered some of the theory for this in various articles and blogs about Page Structure of a site, which said how you've to map out the physical linking structure, but in this guide I'll explain more regarding the significance of interlinking your pages, while using your targeted keyword in your anchor text. It will not just help your search engine rankings, but it will also help visitors of your site navigate your site, which will in turn result in a happier visitor and expectantly more sales for your site.

As a Search Engine Optimizer or SEO consultant, you have to exploit every possible tweak that is available to you. Your first task is to ensure your own site is optimized to its full potential. You must know by now the significance of anchor text for back links to your site, well, the same applies for the internal links on your site. This was covered in other articles and blog posts. Yet again, never use image links, always text.

As soon as you create a link to another page on your site you must always use your target keyword or phrase as the anchor text. The site you are linking to should then be completely optimized for the same keyword or phrase to maximize your SEO efforts. Further, the page in itself must have proper on page optimization title, description and keywords.

If your navigation system uses images then you are instantly throwing away huge potential to get your website's ranking as high as possible since you can't specify anchor text if you are using an image.

Anchor text counts for so much in modern-day SEO to achieve top rankings, so if you don't use text links to interlink your web pages then you are instantaneously losing the potential to have potentially 100s or 1000s of links pointing to your web page with your targeted keyword or phrase.

Before going down the images route, you must explore using CSS. CSS is very powerful and you can really make a normal text link look like an image.

I have seen many sites move up 100s of places in the search engines, simply by optimizing their website's internal linking. Further, I have seen some particular sites that simply duplicated and modified their content and created a series of internal links to these pages, yet again Text Based and hence they had some good rankings. This is not the final word in top rankings but you have to use all of your resources that you can to have the best possible, credible site that search engines can work with.

So remember, Link your site pages together, with internal linking structures using text-based links. The more the better. This won't get you any better rankings than your back links allow, but when the competition is head to head on which website has more importance and link-relevance to the search engines, this technique will help put you on top Google rankings and top rankings of search engines everywhere.



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