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Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Link Building - What You have to Know

Link building is one of the most basic principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Gaining links to your site builds Website Authority and that equals to page rank and increased organic traffic. Gaining status as an authority site involves a number of factors counting trust, relevance and endorsements from other authority websites and gaining endorsements from other site is accomplished through link building.

Two Types of Links:

Natural link - A natural link is the result of another site publisher finding and appreciating your content sufficient to place an unsolicited link to your site.

Manual Link - Though natural links are the best, but hard to come by, manual building is a need. Manual building is the process of building or requesting links from other site. The majority of manual building is carrying out through article marketing, blogs and other social media networks.

Link Value: One of the lesser understood principles of link building are the value that the search engines place on a site and this is where site authority comes into play. The more authority the search engine gives to a site the stronger the links are from that site.

For Instance: A site with a site authority of 5 provides a more powerful link than does a site with an authority of 2. But, almost any link is a good link; it just doesn’t give you the "juice" of a higher authority site.

The value of a link, even from an authority site, can be diminished when the authority site has a large number of links on its page and links from an authority site that has 20 links on its page will have less value than if it only has 10 links. But, let us be realistic, whichever link from a high authority site is valuable.

Link Stoppers:

There are more than a few things that you have to know when building links that can render your efforts useless. Search engines typically cannot read information contained in a "JavaScript", though I did read lately where Google might begin to read these scripts.

Depending upon the search engine, links on a page that is being excluded by robots.txt could not be counted.

A "nofollow" attribute in your link code or else "nofollow" in the Meta tag of the header page may also deny you the link.

Though you might not receive the value of the link for SEO, you'll get any traffic generated by the link itself.

Link Building - Where To Get The A Large Amount Of Juice:

As I have stated above, authority site provide the best links. Also included would be, government sites, colleges and other educational sites, and dot org sites, though links from these sites can be hard to obtain.

High ranking social media sites may provide quality to your building program. Sites like, Stumble Upon, Digg, Deli.cio.us, FaceBook are amongst the best. These sites not only provide quality links, you too get the added value of receiving traffic from them. That gives you double value for your effort.

Your program must also include some high authority blogs. I know you've heard that the search engines like blogs and that they tend to rank higher than static sites. It is right that blogs tend to gain higher authority than static sites. This is an important reason to comprise blog into your program.

In brief, your building efforts must be a program and not a campaign. You must plan how and where you desire to get your links and you have to understand every aspect of the process. Once you've the understanding you need then, and only then, start your building program.

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Get Your Site Indexed Fast In Search Engines

The first thing you have to accomplish once you build a brand new site would be to get your site indexed in Google. You would like this to take place as soon as possible because people will have the ability to find your site via search engines. What this means is your site will benefit from getting more visitors. So, this specific thing is what you're going for to start with. We've carried out a little bit of analysis about this matter and here are a couple of techniques that have been discovered to have our site listed in Google a little bit faster.

Here are some basic things you will want to do first:

>> Add your site to Google Webmaster Tools. Therefore you'll observe exactly what Google see about your site. It is possible to see if your site is really indexed, if you've issues with it, and permit you to identify any kind of problems you may have.

>> One more thing you've to carry out is to submit your website name to Google at the following URL: ' http://www.google.com/addurl/ '

>> You may also submit your site to various social bookmarking sites.

>> Publish some articles in article submission sites

>> You can even add your site to a few directory submission sites.

There are some other techniques to get your new site indexed fast. But the steps mentioned above will surely help you to get your site indexed quicker.

We are hopeful that these methods we've discussed will allow you to get all of your sites indexed in no time.

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How Outbound Link Works in SEO

http://www.indiaseos.com/seo-blog/seo-blog.htmHow outbound links work in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing in general has been an issue of much debate in recent years. A few people quarrel that too many outbound links will affect your website negatively (albeit to some extent) in search engine results listings. But, there is more than one side to the question of how outbound links work and here is a brief overview of a few of the ways in which outbound links can affect your search engine and internet marketing efforts.

In Terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing take into consideration a broad variety of factors when ranking sites. One of these factors is a site's outbound links (OL). Though, outbound links are possibly one of the smaller elements that factor into how a site is ranked in search engine listings (the big ones being inbound links and tags). Nevertheless, they do seem to makes some difference. Having OLs to quality sites appears to really help your search engine ranking. But, if your site has too many OLs, search engines may actually frown upon it. Depending on what else you are doing to optimize your site, though, this may or may not actually matter.

A few good, general tips to follow in terms of managing your OLs include, keeping your links relevant (that is link to site's your visitors might find useful/interesting); try not to have too many OLs; try to link to high-ranking sites (again, though, keep these relevant, don't just do it as they are high-ranking sites); also use good keywords in the link's anchor text.

In Terms of Visitor Satisfaction

When it comes to handling OLs on your website, it is more important to keep your readers in mind than it is to cater to search engines. When deciding which or how various OLs to include on your website, think about your readers first. Would they find this link helpful or interesting? Keep in mind that the goal should always be to make your website into a valuable resource that will maintain visitors coming back.

Other Benefits of Outbound Links

Outbound links can be a good way to establish good relationship with other bloggers and webmasters who are involved in the same industry like you. You will be sending traffic from your website to a well established industry website can be a good way to get on their radar or open up a discussion with them. Having quality OLs is also good ways of showing your visitors that you know your niche fine.

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How Search Engines Define Spam in SEO


One of the most significant topics in SEO is search engine Spam, also known as spam indexing. Long ago, and by this I mean several years ago, it was achievable to push just about any page into a top 10 ranking with a combination of tricks. Those days are long since past and the search engines themselves are very aggressive in combating this kind of trickery as alluring as it may be to try to deceive the search engines, your client's site either belongs anywhere in the rankings or it doesn't. As long as you stick to truly relevant also targeted search terms and don't take on lousy sites, you should find it entirely unnecessary to spam the search engine.

How Search Engine Define Spam?

Every search engine has its own guidelines, but they all boil down to the same thing do not try to trick our users or us. This is fundamental to a search engine's survival and they'll impose harsh penalties on websites that transgress this simple rule. Search engine Spam can be broken down into one or two broad categories. I have never met anyone who had any trouble understanding the difference among ordinary search engine optimizations and spam.

Content Spam:

This involves any attempt to deceive the search engine through the manipulation of on-page content, and may possibly include practices like keywords stuffing, misuse of Meta tags, misuse of HTML features (like noscript and noframe tags), or deliberately creating misleading content.

Domain Spam:

Domain Spam is the registration of multiple domain names in an attempt to increase rankings. This may be done in order to get multiple directory listing, create cross-links among domains or just as an attempt to put more pages in the index to boost the odds of having a page ranked.

Link Spam:

Link Spam describes the use of any deceptive scheme intended to increase the link popularity or page rank of the page artificially. Included in this category are tactics like hiding links from users, hiding links from search engines. Creating artificial domains to manufacturer links, and buying links from unrelated pages.

Redirect Spam:

Redirect Spam involves deflecting visitors to a webpage other than the one that was ranked. There are lots of schemes that create doorway pages that rank well, also a variety of techniques are used to redirect the visitor to a new page or conceal the ranked content behind a pop-over element. All constitute Spam.


Cloaking is the worst form of Spam from the SEO perspective. It involves the use of a variety of techniques to deliver optimized to the search engines, and different content to human visitors. All the search engines tell webmasters not to cloak. Lots of justifications have been invented fro cloaking, but in practice, it is simply not necessary.

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Title Tag in SEO - Tips And Tricks

The Title Tag is not only significant for the Search Engines to understand what exactly the page is about but it also helps readers as well as users visiting the page, Title tag is also indexed by the search engines and displayed as the headline in the Search Engine Ranking Pages with some other contents from the web page like sometimes description. As a result, having a relevant title tag is most significant factor as a user will judge by seeing your title that how much useful your site is for them.

Here are a few useful tips on how to write and add a relevant Title Tags for your web page:

>> It is the most important factor as per search engines as the title will be listed in the search results.

>> Title tag limit: try to keep the tag length fewer than 65 characters because anything more than 65 characters will cut off in the search result.

>> If you have already developed your website with more than 65 characters, weigh up if the keywords are covered with-in 65 characters or not. If any keywords are placed above 65 characters then you have to fix it. You can have title tags more than 65 characters but make sure all the keywords are covered with-in 65 characters.

>> Title tag of each page must be related to the content of the page. Don't ever use same title tag throughout the site.

>> Place most significant keyword in the beginning of the tag.

>> Don't just put the keywords in title tag but rather try to make it as a sentence. It will save your website from becoming a keyword spammer in Google algorithm. For example: Traffic Secret | Tips to generate instant traffic to the website. Text in bold are the keywords in a sentence format.

>> Pipe symbol "|" must be used to separate keywords or phrases.

>> Ensure that the keywords used in title tag are also present in the page content.

>> If you desire to add company name or else product name then add it at the end of the title. Do not use it in the beginning of the tag. As your target is not to get optimized with your company name but with the keywords which will boost the sale.

>> Make the title either controversy or solution to a problem or employ a number because it will grab the attention of the visitors. For example: 10 tips to generate traffic.

>> If you find difficultly in writing good titles then just follow your competitors.

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Learn All About Search Engine Optimization (SEO) From A Webmaster Forum

Setting up a site is easy enough. But you have to learn how to promote the site. Otherwise, it is just a great looking site sitting there with no visitors. Without web visitors, you are certainly not going to make any sales. One way to drive long term traffic is by means of a method known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO consists of 2 important components namely on-site SEO and off-site SEO. On-site SEO is the easy part. You can make some simple tweaks on your site and the pages will rank better in the search engines. Off-site SEO involved link building. When this method is used properly, you'll be the proud owner of a site that receives a steady stream of traffic on a daily basis. To cover this topic will require a whole book. But you can easily learn for free just be visiting webmaster forums. Here are five benefits when you join and visit a webmaster forum.

Benefit 1: Free advice from practiced Internet Marketers.

Benefit 2: Others will give encouragement.

Benefit 3: Learning is very much fun in a community.

Benefit 4: Learn the newest tips and tricks.

Benefit 5: It is free!

Benefit 1: Free advice from practiced Internet Marketers.

There are lots of Internet Marketers who've been involved with search engine marketing for years. They are always pleased to help newcomers. For similar information, others might have to pay. But whenever you ask questions in the forum, you get the advice at no charge. So don't be shy. There is no such thing as stupid questions. Each one starts off as a newcomer. Just fire away and you'll be astonished at how supportive the webmaster community is.

Benefit 2: Others will give encouragement.

When you feel like giving up, just go to the forum and dig up a few old threads. Or better still; begin your own thread asking for help. Chances are many, fellow webmasters have encountered similar obstacles. And they are always pleased to lend a listening ear.

Benefit 3: Learning is very much fun in a community.

It is never fun to be learning alone. As soon as you join a community, you'll make new friends. With your new found friends, you'll then be capable to support one another. Set up contests, challenges, and so on to make the learning more fun and exciting!

Benefit 4: Learn the newest tips and tricks.

The search engines are always changing their algorithms. Therefore you've to keep yourself updated on the newest changes so that you don't lose your search rankings. Whenever something new pops up, you can be certain that somebody will bring it up in the forums. Just stick around and keep learning!

Benefit 5: It is free!

For sure, the best part is, you get all the above benefits for free. But since it is a community, be sure to give back when you turn out to be successful. That's how things work online.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Overcoming the Biggest Myths to Get More Rankings in Your Niche

One of the biggest problems that the majority of people have with getting more search engine rankings in their niche market is the fact that they fall in to the trap of believing all the myths that end up leaving them broke! In this article I desire to show you the top myths that you need to ensure you avoid if you want to get more rankings to your site.

Myth #1 - You need to have a professional do your SEO work for you.

This is a myth that lots of people believe who are starting out online. They believe that SEO is hard and there is no other way that they can learn it on their own.

The reason that the majority people believe this myth is because they simply think that there is no other way they can learn how to do it themselves.

The reality is that getting higher rankings is not very hard at all! If you make use of the right strategy and take your time you can get search engine rankings in a matter of weeks. So ensure you do it yourself and do not think you've to pay a professional all kinds of money to attain it for you.

Myth #2 - You've to get a top ranking for the best keyword in your niche.

You've to understand that this is not true! Most people start out trying to rank for the most trafficked keyword in their niche market.

They believe that if they can get a ranking in the top 10 from the biggest keyword they'll make the most amount of money.

The reality is that in the majority cases the top keyword is the one that will give you the bad quality traffic! Not only that, you've to compete with 100s of other sites who are thinking the same thing as you are.

So ensure you are focused on getting rankings from search terms that are not as competitive and that are more qualified.

Ensure you overcome these myths so you can start getting more visitors to your site.

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Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Online Marketing?

Online marketing is the medium through which promoting the business becomes extremely easy. You can now interact with the entire world sitting at the same place. So while doing business through internet customer satisfaction has to be prioritized the most. If a business can effectively market their products and services online then it opens lots of new doors for snatching the possible buyers into their business.

The extensively raised question in the market is 'how to get business?' Apart from the designing, presentation, content issues that are normally considered as essential for getting business, the most significant thing that is needed to be considered is where to place the site containing products and services so that it can get the focus of a large public. This is the factor which can develop the business by bringing quality traffic.

Why SEO?

A very common question that normally arises while using the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services is what is the need to go for SEO and not somewhere else? What is so special about SEO that it can bring more and more traffic than other paid search engines?

The acceptable answer could be SEO is the medium through which maximum traffic visits the different site for online business. Ranking high in the search engine is significant because usually people visit a site seeing the top ranked websites in the search engine result page. Therefore, it is required to come on the top of the search engine result page by designing the site in a search engine friendly manner.

Check Five Reasons For Why SEO Is Superior Than Online Paid Marketing?

>>With paid online marketing, you'll surely receive heavy traffic at your site but once you'll stop making payments to the advertisers, the traffic volume will go down. But with SEO this would not be the case. SEO wants the payment for the setting up of the SEO campaign.

>>Visitors that are visiting your site through paid online marketing are expensive. That means, for each visit the websites wants to pay, regardless of whether the visitor is interested in your services or not. With SEO, once it is set up, you don't have to pay for the visitors visiting your site.

>>If the site appears on both paid as well as unpaid search engine result page then you'll notice that 80 percent of the traffic is coming from the unpaid free SEO link instead of coming from the paid link. Therefore SEO holds a good traffic rate.

>>The initial setup cost for SEO campaign is cheaper than the paid online marketing sites. As soon as you pay for the set up cost of SEO campaign then it will be almost equivalent of making a sole payment in paid online marketing.

>>While following the click through, it has been observed that the click through obtained from the paid sites are almost faked when compared to the click through obtained from the unpaid sites. Thus helps in getting the business at a highest rate.

All these reasons aid in supporting SEO as the best online marketing medium. Though SEO is answerable for getting the business through web marketing but selling the products also the services depends on the designing, details and other issues. Therefore, in order to establish your foothold in the internet marketing be the best in each and every single thing.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Fast Track to Understanding What Not to Do

Regardless of how long you've had an Internet presence with your present website or blog, you have almost certainly heard the term, "Search Engine Optimization," which is frequently written as SEO. Webmasters as well as Internet marketers understand that it is not enough to simply buy a domain name, create a website or a blog, add a couple of articles to it, and be expecting that 1000s of customers are going to visit your website, and purchase your product or service.

This is the reason why SEO is so very significant to your website. To put it simply, if your site is not optimized for the search engines, it is very likely that your website will not pay for it the first year you are in business and you will have very few visitors. Taking a stab at doing your own SEO work might prove damaging if you don't know what you are doing.

So to help you rapidly understand what you should not do, here's a simple list of things to watch out for and avoid.

1. Do not include hyperlinked keywords in your webpage footer when the linked pages contain less than 300 words. An inadequate amount of content will not get those pages indexed in the search engines.

2. Fix all broken hyperlinks to the internal as well as external pages in your site. Search engines will not index your website if it is riddled with linking errors.

3. Search engines love content. If you give very little information for your web visitor, and you fill your WebPages with just pay-per-click code, advertising banners and outbound links to affiliate products, the search engines view your website as not containing valuable written information that visitors are desperate to get.

4. Not obtaining any backlinks from high page ranking websites makes your website appear insignificant to the search engines. Do not overlook the significance of backlinks.

5. Do not manipulate your HTML source code to have the search engines like Google, Yahoo etc to "think" that your website is about one topic when in fact you've no content on that page or else within your web site that has anything to do with the keyword phrases or page description. For instance, if you sell expensive fishing lures, yet your keywords cite the name of a world celebrated winner of fishing contests that would be tricking your web visitor. The search engine algorithms are being built to unindex or else not index sites that try to trick the consumer.

6. Do not use any abbreviations or shortened terms for your web pages. Search engines like to see keyword-rich page names. Select consistent formatting for your naming conventions, such as if you create a page that is specifically about roasting espresso coffee beans, and then do not name your page recb.html. In its place, name the page roasting-espresso-coffee-beans.html.

7. Do not make the mistake of never changing the content on your website. New, fresh, and informative content is what keeps your website ranking high in the search engines. Leaving your website alone for a year and keeping the content static will not bring new visitors to your website.

Are you prepared to learn how to send more traffic to your site and increase sales faster than you thought possible?

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