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Improve blog ranking and marketing

Improve blog ranking and marketing is no longer kids matter. It's past the sappy diary entries and torture fueled rants. Its serious business, especially if your goal is to make money blogging for your business. Blog marketing is more leading than static site marketing mainly because of all the options Web 2.0 offers. Below are some things you can do to take gain of what web 2.0 has to offer to boost blog traffic, links and engine ranking.

1. Get exposed

Do you speculate how some large news and content sites deliver their headlines. Syndicate with RSS. While using the feed that comes with your blog may look like an ok option, using a custom feed, that mostly separates keyword groups for content you develop often, is a far better option. Syndicating with RSS increases your exposure. Pheedpress, accessible from Content Desk is a great tool for this.

2. Tag you're it!

Tags make it easier for people to find your blog post, and video and photos that are related. You can write the majority informative blog in your niche but if it can not be found it can not get read. Tag your posts.

3. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking allows users to save and classify a personal collection of bookmarks and share them with others. Users may also take bookmarks saved by others and add them to their own gathering, as well as to pledge to the lists of others.

Bookmarking is an easy way to develop blog ranking and get traffic; the more you do it the more you'll be noticed. Ideally, your site should be bookmarked somewhere in all the major bookmarking engines.

4. Get involved

Much like the tip above, adding comments is a better way to sprinkle your links around. Note however, your comment must be useful and relate to the original post. Bloggers will grant your trackbacks when your comments are on topic and useful.

5. Get connected

Social networks like Myspace can be found in almost everywhere corner of the web. They are great places to meet like minded people and above all receive important links from.

6. Digging for treasure

Some sites take stories from users and post them on the site. Users then vote on them and choose which get dugg and which are buried. If you are dugg it can result in a flood of traffic.