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Search Engine Optimization

5 Steps to Leveraging Great Content for Superior Rankings

Recently, I was at an internet marketing gathering where the question was posed to a panel: "As a search engine optimizer (SEO), what would you advise your clients to do if a further million dollars fell into their lap?" The response from the SEOs on the panel was effectively "invest it all in creating great content."

When questioned, the panel approved that links were important (since Google's algorithm prioritizes their analysis of links so highly), but the general proposition was that if you create great content the links will come.

Five steps for creating & distributing content

When trying to develop organic SEO, creating great content is just as important as doing a big job of distributing it. These tactics, however, should not be engaged in a vacuum. Instead, you should approach SEO using a holistic strategy. Here is a sample five-step plan that you can modify to fit your company's objectives.

Step 1
: Search Google Trends for keywords that relate to your business that have received heightened focus recently.

Once you've select a topic area you are ready to move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Use the Google keyword tool to find terms associated to the concept of "outdoor chairs" to write about.

Refine your target keywords list and move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Search Twitter for the keywords you choose in Step 2 to see what your target customers are talking about in order to get content ideas.

Once you have your topic, target keywords and exact ideas you are ready for Step 4.

Step 4: Popular content and articles are highlighted on Digg.com, so you may use some time there browsing popular content that relates to your topics to learn how to organization your article's title and body copy.

Your article is now written and you're ready to focus on distribution.

Step 5: Determine a concrete "distribution" goal for each part of content you've formed, whether it's an article, a how-to guide, etc.