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Search Engine Optimization

What our Indiaseos Consultant offer?

All SEO Consultations are customized for each client for their specific requirements. You can look forward to any or all of the following for your website to get top rankings and higher targeted traffic.

* SEO Strategy based on your business objectives and goals for the SEO Campaign.

* Analysis details on the reason(s) for current search engine performance.

* Website Optimization requirements based on Comprehensive Website Analysis.

* How to select the right keywords and detailed keyword analysis steps. One of the most important aspects of SEO - often under looked.

* How to optimize your website - ideas on selecting target pages for keywords, strategies on optimizing Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description Tags, H1, H2 Tags, Image Alt Tags.

* Content Optimization Strategies and steps to develop keyword rich SEO Content.

* Link Popularity Building strategies and how to get incoming links. Detailed information on various link building options like directory submissions, article submission, PR News Release submissions, forums, blogs, social media optimization, etc. How to use internal link building to get links to your site from the word go!

* How to submit your website to major search engines, how to create & submit google sitemap.

* Reporting and Tracking strategy including how to check current rankings, use Google Analytics for more detailed analysis and how to use it for continuous improvements in your SEO Strategy.

* Understand Black Hat Techniques clearly so that you can avoid being black listed or rankings dropped by major search engines.

* Information on tools used by SEO Experts (majority of them are free!).

* Tools, Tips, Strategies to stay on top....

SEO Consulting Packages

Our SEO Consultation Packages are below, Contact Us for more details.(http://www.indiaseos.com)

SEO Tips for Business Websites

While there have been numerous reports about the advantages of containing search engine optimization (SEO) into one's business website, some people may not understand there are assured elements that can enhance their experience.

Search engine optimization (SEO) expert Steve told indiaseos.com there are various tips businesses can use to boost their online attendance.

Businesses should think about starting near the beginning, as it can take up to six months for aggressive search terms to see results during a Google search, says the expert.

Those results, which in turn translate to a top page rank, come from well-positioned keywords from real content. Website owners should make a list of the top 20 search keywords that are applicable to their product or service, and make appropriate content that uses the terms.

However, using too many keywords in one article story, or the same one multiple times, can be detrimental to a business' search engine optimization (SEO) goals. Search engines, such as Google, will know keyword stuffing and ignore the site.

Finally, finding a search engine optimization (SEO) expert who knows a company's business well can help in terms of creating engaging satisfied for the site.

The 10 Types of Blogger

Here are the results of my review and the 10 types of bloggers I found. You'll notice that they range from good to bad to sleazy.

1. Good: People who ask permission to reprint your article and add a bio with links back as requested.

2. Good: People who republish without asking permission but at least link back to the original article.

3. Good: People who blog about something you wrote and who link to your original article, providing their own unique commentary or spin to go with it.

4. Okay: People who blog about what some other blogger blogged about, and link to both the original article and the blogger's commentary.

5. Bad: People who blog about what some other blogger blogged about it (as in #4 above), but who link back only to the blogger and not the original.

6. Bad: People who blog on the topic and then Digg their OWN post instead of the original.

7. Sleazy: People who don't ask to republish but do it anyway, and don't even link back!

8. Sleazy: Scrapers who link or don't link, but add contextual link ads and other crap to the content.

9. Strange: People who blog but somehow get their facts wrong.

10. Dumbasses: People who just blog it cuz everyone else is.

Good blog posts are good for a reason. Simply writing about something because everyone else has is not a good blog post

Deliver the direct SEO Traffic

You should be constantly looking for other ways to deliver traffic to your site such as:

Be active in forums - Participate and answer the questions.

Write articles! I know it's old and tiresome and boring - Adding fresh articles with your site related content.

Ask for help - Many times in that process there is an exchange of information that leads to a deeper and "real" relationship - leverage that for links!

Tell 'em what you think - this applies to forums, blogs, articles and email responses. Like is too short to pussyfoot around and to be taken advantage of by other people.

Use your clients! Your clients have other relationships as well, and if you perform well for them, they will refer you to their other business relationships.

Gut Genug SEO

If u get Gut Genug follow this list

(All of these are on a per month basis)

  • 10 keyword-rich text links for each keyphrase

  • 5 directory links for each keyphrase

  • A review of the copy on the targeted pages

  • A review of the page titles and meta tags

  • Inform client on any changes in the search space

  • Provide insight for client's search marketing strategy

  • Be a protector of the client brand

I know this is not a complete list, but it's certainly "good enough" for most clients...

7 SEO Tips For Musicians

1. Don't Build Your Site Using Only Flash - Unless properly planned in the design stages, Flash cannot be indexed by search engines.

2. Don't Build Your Site Only With Images - Again much harder for the search engines to find.

3. Use Key Words In Your Content - Make it easy for search engines to know this is a band site (your band's site) and not something else. In addition to words like guitar and drums consider a static page that is" focused solely on band facts - member info, publicity quotes, simple description of the band's sound, detailed discographies, and more"

4. Don't Just Rely Meta Tags - These hidden string of key words were all the rage, but search engines caught on and have devalued their use in rankings. (more on meta tags)

5. Develop A Link Strategy - The quality of both incoming and outgoing links matter to search engines. Find them, trade for them, put them on your site.

6. Don't Overlook Alternative Search Types - People don't just search for words. They search for images, documents and media like mp3's and videos too. Get them on your site and make sure that they are named properly.

7. Utilize Analytics - No where your traffic is coming and what they are clicking on using free tools like Google Analytics and Urchin.