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Designing Template for About Us Page

About Us
  • What We Do

  • Who We Are

  • Plans

  • General Contacts

What We Do


This should be a relatively short statement of what your organization does, using terms that the general public can understand. If you have a longer and more detailed explanation of all the things you do, you may want to link to a separate page for it.

Statutory Authority

The E-Government Act requires that you provide your organization's statutory authority. For example: Congress established [Organization Name] on [date of law] in the [name of law].
Who We Are

[Agency Head] - And info or links about them

Senior Staff

Information about other key staff

Organizational Structure

If you have a short description of your organizational structure, or want to mention (and link) parent or subsidiary organizations, you can do so here. Or link to a description of your organizational structure, or your organization chart.
Strategic and Other Plans

Your strategic plan must be posted—you can link to it in this section. If you post other plans (performance plans, for example), add them here as well.
Performance, Budget, and Planning

  • Strategic plan (Your strategic plan must be posted—you can link to it in this section.)
  • Annual performance plan and report

  • Annual financial statements

  • Status of program performance and improvement efforts

  • Status of President's Management Agenda initiatives

  • GAO high–risk improvement plans with status of implementation

  • Inspector General audits and investigative reports and a method for reporting evidences of waste, fraud, or abuse to the Inspector General
General Contacts

See our "Contact Us" page for more contact information.