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Search Engine Optimization

Google Matt Cutts Tips and Formula for Top Ranking

Some days ago answering questions in a forum, I found a large thread with some really useful tips. It's about tips given by the Google Guy (MATT CUTTS) in different forums to bloggers and webmasters. He gave some simple yet highly effective tips to get some good ranking in Google. Google is always varying its opinions but some things will always remain the same. These are the recommendation that has been given by Google Guy (MATT CUTTS) on a number of occasions.

ADD CONTENT Add, add and add.
Google loves it, and your visitors will love it.
Assure it is excellence content though. You are looking for quality over quantity here.
Sure, you can twist out 5 mediocre articles in the time it takes to write one excellent article.
However, once that excellent article is on your site, people will bookmark your page and recommend you to associates and online contacts.

KEEP YOUR PAGES SMALL Aim for amongst 5K and 10K.
Many of your visitors will still be using dial-up relations.
Don't alienate these visitors by structure pages that load slowly.

USE KEYWORD IN FOLLOWING WAY Once in the title, once in the description tag, once in the heading, once in the url, once in bold, once in italic and once top on the page.
Don't aim for misspelled keywords.

The search engines are getting smarter and now often accurate spelling mistakes as people search for them.

CREATE LINKS FORM ONE PAGE TO OTHER PAGE OF YOUR WEBSITE = INTERNAL LINKING In this way, you even-out the whole Page Rank of your website, as different to having one page which ranks very highly and other pages which don't.
So, for example, if when writing one article, you declare a point which is covered in more detail in another article, link to that article.
Use the keyword for the additional article in the link.

If you are using your website to encourage your off-line business, don't just put up an online flyer.

Provide your visitors with information that they can use, not just information concerning you and your company.
Unless they are specifically looking for information about you, they will click gone from your site.

So finally, after reading the above material we can drive the following formula for good ranking in Google SERP's. Good Content + Good Links = Good SERP's

Poll Result - Most Effective Link Building Source to Get Higher Ranking

Today declaring the result of our online Poll about the Most Effective Link Building Source to get Higher Ranking. And estimate what! Link Exchange emerged as the winner.

We got total 37 Votes, among which

* 15 Votes for Link Exchange
* 6 Votes for Blog Submission
* 4 Votes for Article Submission
* 11 Votes for Directory Submission
* 1 Vote for Other Source

As you can see People still choose Link Exchange as the best link building practice to get superior rankings in Search Engine.

Link Exchange is a democratic practice of building links but it should be done carefully because Google has declared this Practice a bit sore. This is due to large amount of irrelevant link exchanging going on. So as you people propose Link Exchange is the best source (as voted by you) of Link Building to obtain the higher rankings, here are some ways to get some applicable links for your website or blog with the help of Search Engine.

Optimizing your pages for very quickly

So you've exhausted all this time optimizing your pages and you're not certain accurately how good your optimization. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has several facets: keywords, images, scripts, onsite/off site, links, etc. Page speed is an important factor, additional number of person visitors than our eight-legged friends.

Wouldn't it be great if you might get someone else's opinion on your page speed? For free?
  • Make your way to http://www.indiaseos.com/services/

  • For 'Enter URL to diagnose:' enter your page URL

  • Click 'Submit Query'
On the resulting page, you will get quite a lot of web page speed analysis statistics: international Stats, Object dimension Totals, Exterior Objects, Download Times and Page Objects.

But the best part is at the finish of the page - Page rapidity Analysis and Recommendations. Currently, this part is broken down into 11 areas covering page objects, images, CSS & HTML. Helpfully, colors are used for each area to focus your concentration to those areas judged to be the weakest.

On a model page I checked, I was shocked by the number of images I had on the page. I was satisfied however, that my scripts we orderly as confirmed by the analysis breakdown.

Learn further about Search Engine Optimization and boost the number of visitors you get to your website.

Make Use of Blog Search Engine to Build Links

While teaching about little businesses one question that pops out about link building is where to go to find sites to petition links from. While most of the businesses recognize the idea of going to directories and other explore engines and finding sites in this manner, many don't appreciate the power of using blog search engines to hunt for blogs to aim with your link building campaign. Blog search engines are a good way of finding sites that you want to try to gain links from. Of many one of the blog search engines that I frequently use for link building campaigns is Technorati. The main advantage of using a blog search engine similar to Technorati is it allows you to appear for blogs that are talking about topics related to your web site. Technorati's search tools can also be used to learn more about individual blogs in conditions of how much popular they are how many incoming links they are getting and how often they are updated.