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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Content Strategy

We discuss about the web page content and SEO content methodologies. If you asked me last year I might have said you that go and write content on your own that helps you to get a good ranking in the search engine. But if you ask me now, the inbound links are king now with SEO, and I have to state that shared links, just true one way inbound links no link sharing acceptable.

Therefore, Not only for the eyes of search engines abut also the perception and eyes of your viewers the web page content is important. If you have a more web page content and unique content then easily you can expect a more numbers of visitors in your site. Yes of course the search engine will also look for unique content and it check for whether it is relevant to what the person who searched for the information that they looking for.

There are two parts to web page content and for SEO content Startergy.

The content must be unique. The page should not cover more than 30% of information of other pages. So it is always better to stay under 30%.

The other primary thing is the content should be relevant. For instance If you are having the website for ice creams and the page is about the flavors then you have to concentrate on ice-cream and its different flavors.

Ok, how the search engine identify the content relevancy? Actually the relevancy of content can be measured with the combinations of URL String, Title Tag, and meta-tags plus how densely they are within the content of the pages. A good keyword density is approximately 3% plus Google is very strict with this so do not over this percentage. This number is derivative by including all the words on the page (which can be done in Word), taking the first keyword as well as figuring what percentage of the words that keyword makes up on the page.

The Purpose and Practice of Writing Successful SEO Articles


Writing constructive articles that readers will love." That, in as well as of itself, says it all. Why is such an awe-inspiring post? Since it reinforces what I've been saying intended for years. Whether you're writing content intended for a website, an article or else any type of SEO copy, you have to think of the reader first.
There is such a barrage of valueless articles floating around the 'Net these days. Keyword stuffed, are useless ramble that was clearly written with the sole intention of attempting to rank high. Striving for high rankings is not an awful thing, but the reason of writing SEO articles is threefold not onefold: provide information, rank high when used on your site as well as increase link popularity. That means the practice have to follow the purpose.

Why Write an Article?

Let's initiate at the beginning. Why put in writing articles to begin with? While having SEO content on your site is a fine thing, your first concern must be with offering useful information to your readers. Cutts agrees with this practice as well as makes a point to discuss why providing relevant, useful information is vital.

If the information isn't helpful, those who trip your site will have slight interest in reading it. Of course, if the page ranks highly, it may bring in a bit of traffic. however if visitors take one seem at your article then click away, what good have the towering rankings done you?

Similarly, if you make your mind up to distribute your article all the way through the Internet, it is highly not likely that others will vote for to run your article on their sites. If your work doesn't offer solid information as well as is poorly written, it will not be measured link-worthy.

Optimizing for the Engines

Once you've determined what information you want to present, you can turn your focus to SEO. Copywriting for the engines needs balance. You never want to give up the reader's experience intended for the sake of rankings. Padding keywords into text is a method that will nearly always backfire. Practically no one requirement to read an article (or website page) that continuously repeats the same exact terms to the point of extremes.

The Two Most Important Keys

The two "meta-issues" Cutts tinted in his article were both linked to user experience, not to the practice of SEO copywriting. First, pay attention to the pleased you offer. Always impart useful, concrete knowledge to your reader. Second, learn your niche (a.k.a. know your target audience!) as well as write specially for the purpose of helping them.

There is further great information included in Cutts' post, and I give confidence you to read it plus point the comments that follow. You can find it here.

Search Engine Optimization for MSN Search

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization for MSN Search

Recently Microsoft introduced their highly anticipated search engine in market. You can be view the site by clicking http://search.msn.com.

Almost all the search engine optimization (SEO) having the similar guidelines and most of the marketing professionals will not be surprised by this new search engine introduced by MSN. But still it is important to note that there is thin or subtle differences in SEO requirements unique to MSNBot as the engine make every effort to have its own identity.

Masked of within the help files the site, there are quite a few wonderful clues to assist web site owners, web site marketing as well as promotion firms and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals in ahead visibility surrounded by MSN search, for themselves or else for their clients. It's quite stimulating to note that Microsoft has documented gratitude of the importance of a healthy designed and optimized site. They still went so far as to state that, if you want a enhanced chance of being indexed appropriately within this engine, then perhaps you should look into hiring a of good reputation SEO firm to assist you.

This makes complete wisdom from MSN's standpoint. A professionally optimized site will allow their aptly named spider, MSNbot, to without difficulty read, navigate through as well as thus relevantly manifestation the web site properly. By optimizing your web site in accordance with MSN's guiding principle, you stand a much better opportunity of being found when it counts the most - when someone is probing for your goods as well as services.

Google Launches Enterprise Software Solution

Google Launches
Enterprise Software Solution

Google start on a free packaged business solution intended for enterprises today including online chat, calendars, email, as well as hosting. Called "Gmail for Your Domain " (a ghastly name that is only faintly better referred to as "Google Apps" inside the actual admin area) this application package will permit a business owner or else administrator to create a different account per employee.

Each Google Apps account comes complete with the following Google applications:

Gmail: Google's email program is the central offering of this set of applications; it acts as the main portal where the Talk as well as Calendar functions is provided. Each user has 2 gigabytes of email storage complete with some robust email management tools that permit automatic email filtering, POP email access, SPAM management, plus contact management.

Required Setup Procedure: Requires that you transfer the entire email protocol from your domain (i.e. www.stepforth.com) to Google so that email be able to be sent as well as received by means of your domain (in order that your email suitably displays it came as of your domain).

Google Calendar: almost certainly the most feature wealthy application within this complete package, Google Calendar offer users with the ability to share appointments or else entire calendars. It as well has a basic happening management option that allows you to manage RSVP lists as well as invite associates to meetings. Investigate the full Google Calendar feature list here.
Required Setup Procedure intended for Google Calendar and Google Talk: The only requirement is that you prove you are the rightful owner of the domain you setup your account with. The activation process is simple; just upload a specific html file to your website for Google to verify and voila, both Calendar and Talk are enabled.
Google Talk: An instant messaging as well as voice chat application, Google Talk automatically allows right of entry to the contact list within Gmail making connections to business associates as well as employees simpler. Here is the authorized description on Talk from Google: "a downloadable Windows application from Google that enables Gmail users to quickly and easily talk or IM with their friends for free. Google is focused on developing innovative technologies that enhance people's lives, and Google Talk encourages and simplifies instant communication across the web." Google Web Publishing: This is a free hosting as well as page creation system (Page Creator) that allows you to create plus publish your enterprise site. The site is hosted on Google servers plus be able to only be a maximum of 100 pages in size.