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Search Engine Optimization

Having creative tactics on SEO

How should we practice to have a best search engine optimization? Is the common question arises. This is not an easy job for this we should be more creative than others to have an upper hand among the competitors.

Here are the some SEO creative tactics

It is not important matter that in what sector you are in but have a better blog in your sector and try to give a decent prize.

Try to invent a new term which you can rank and create search queries for it using other forms of marketing as well as advertising

Try to guess the Google themed logos.

Try to compete with your competitors names and brands. It is obvious that you cannot optimize trademarked names or brands. Its always difficult to optimize your competitors trademarked names or brands but u can think about common misspellings made by the users. For instance broadband can be misspelled as bordband so try to optimize these kinds of words.

Try to steal the real word events. For instance World cup, Valentines Day, Christmas and so on.

Yahoo Slurp New Yahoo Search Engine

At last Yahoo drops Google results and invented and launches its own algorithm.As predicted by many search engine SEOs and insiders, that the Yahoos results have been changed. However yahoo is not showing the expected results as it done before.

Now yahoo has come up with its own search engine and algorithm like Google.You can view the current results in Yahoo.com and which is expected to roll out to other location in few weeks.

New question has risen because of Yahoo new algorithm launch is how we optimize our site for Yahoo? In recent years Yahoo search engine market has been gradually stepped down because of the legend Google. Directory submission in yahoo had a definite quality traffic and good page rank.

There are some dedicated yahoo loyal users. But if the results do not satisfy the users expectations and wants they may be turn away from Yahoo in their droves.

So, on the whole it is risk, now yahoo has got to take its mounting revenues getting more from cash flows than paid directory inclusion. Even now of having a ownership on Overture might be looking at receiving a share of the marketing revenue that is now valuing Google at in surplus of 8 billion uk Pound.

Yahoo is worth of doubling their market but they have to spend their fortunes in the above line advertising to attain the level. Google has just spent a penny, but they have tripled their market share and income and it is likely to be increase by this quarter.

So we conclude that we have to focus on Google and monitor the Yahoo market regularly. Initial searches might have spam and cloaking sites ranking highly.