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Title Tag in SEO - Tips And Tricks

The Title Tag is not only significant for the Search Engines to understand what exactly the page is about but it also helps readers as well as users visiting the page, Title tag is also indexed by the search engines and displayed as the headline in the Search Engine Ranking Pages with some other contents from the web page like sometimes description. As a result, having a relevant title tag is most significant factor as a user will judge by seeing your title that how much useful your site is for them.

Here are a few useful tips on how to write and add a relevant Title Tags for your web page:

>> It is the most important factor as per search engines as the title will be listed in the search results.

>> Title tag limit: try to keep the tag length fewer than 65 characters because anything more than 65 characters will cut off in the search result.

>> If you have already developed your website with more than 65 characters, weigh up if the keywords are covered with-in 65 characters or not. If any keywords are placed above 65 characters then you have to fix it. You can have title tags more than 65 characters but make sure all the keywords are covered with-in 65 characters.

>> Title tag of each page must be related to the content of the page. Don't ever use same title tag throughout the site.

>> Place most significant keyword in the beginning of the tag.

>> Don't just put the keywords in title tag but rather try to make it as a sentence. It will save your website from becoming a keyword spammer in Google algorithm. For example: Traffic Secret | Tips to generate instant traffic to the website. Text in bold are the keywords in a sentence format.

>> Pipe symbol "|" must be used to separate keywords or phrases.

>> Ensure that the keywords used in title tag are also present in the page content.

>> If you desire to add company name or else product name then add it at the end of the title. Do not use it in the beginning of the tag. As your target is not to get optimized with your company name but with the keywords which will boost the sale.

>> Make the title either controversy or solution to a problem or employ a number because it will grab the attention of the visitors. For example: 10 tips to generate traffic.

>> If you find difficultly in writing good titles then just follow your competitors.

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    Friday, March 05, 2010

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