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Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Link Building - What You have to Know

Link building is one of the most basic principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Gaining links to your site builds Website Authority and that equals to page rank and increased organic traffic. Gaining status as an authority site involves a number of factors counting trust, relevance and endorsements from other authority websites and gaining endorsements from other site is accomplished through link building.

Two Types of Links:

Natural link - A natural link is the result of another site publisher finding and appreciating your content sufficient to place an unsolicited link to your site.

Manual Link - Though natural links are the best, but hard to come by, manual building is a need. Manual building is the process of building or requesting links from other site. The majority of manual building is carrying out through article marketing, blogs and other social media networks.

Link Value: One of the lesser understood principles of link building are the value that the search engines place on a site and this is where site authority comes into play. The more authority the search engine gives to a site the stronger the links are from that site.

For Instance: A site with a site authority of 5 provides a more powerful link than does a site with an authority of 2. But, almost any link is a good link; it just doesn't give you the "juice" of a higher authority site.

The value of a link, even from an authority site, can be diminished when the authority site has a large number of links on its page and links from an authority site that has 20 links on its page will have less value than if it only has 10 links. But, let us be realistic, whichever link from a high authority site is valuable.

Link Stoppers:

There are more than a few things that you have to know when building links that can render your efforts useless. Search engines typically cannot read information contained in a "JavaScript", though I did read lately where Google might begin to read these scripts.

Depending upon the search engine, links on a page that is being excluded by robots.txt could not be counted.

A "nofollow" attribute in your link code or else "nofollow" in the Meta tag of the header page may also deny you the link.

Though you might not receive the value of the link for SEO, you'll get any traffic generated by the link itself.

Link Building - Where To Get The A Large Amount Of Juice:

As I have stated above, authority site provide the best links. Also included would be, government sites, colleges and other educational sites, and dot org sites, though links from these sites can be hard to obtain.

High ranking social media sites may provide quality to your building program. Sites like, Stumble Upon, Digg, Deli.cio.us, FaceBook are amongst the best. These sites not only provide quality links, you too get the added value of receiving traffic from them. That gives you double value for your effort.

Your program must also include some high authority blogs. I know you've heard that the search engines like blogs and that they tend to rank higher than static sites. It is right that blogs tend to gain higher authority than static sites. This is an important reason to comprise blog into your program.

In brief, your building efforts must be a program and not a campaign. You must plan how and where you desire to get your links and you have to understand every aspect of the process. Once you've the understanding you need then, and only then, start your building program.

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    Monday, March 15, 2010

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