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What is Website Copy and Website Content?

Web copy and web content are 2 completely different things, despite the fact that they both appear on websites. Many people use the 2 terms interchangeably and throughout the industry there is a general lack of understanding about what the differences among the 2 actually are, especially among the people who put websites together; webmasters and web site owners.

Any copywriter worth their salt will always be capable to explain to you the dissimilarity between web copy and web content and- because I am worth my salt-I will now do precisely that.

Website content

Web content is pretty much all the text, images as well as flash files on your site. Search engine robots will scan all of the web content contained in your site to make decisions about what words it contains and how these words are used in conjunction with one another. They'll make use of this information to make a verdict about where to put your site in search engine results.

You'll generally use website content to tell users regarding your products as well as services, define your business also the people behind it, and outline your privacy and legal terms and conditions. Website content is significant because visitors will quite often form a judgment about your site based upon the professionalism, accuracy as well as genre of the content you present. You therefore need to make sure that you present content that gives your users the information that they require in a way that reflects the brand of your site. You also need to make sure that it is 100% free of any grammatical or else spelling errors.

Web copy

Website copy is part of the content of your site but it serves a dissimilar purpose than just sharing information. Web copy is in particular designed to persuade people to do something or to take action. Action phrases like "order now," "contact us today for a free quote" also "take a look around" are all examples of web copy.

In brief, whatever thing that encourages your users to read, click, buy, try or contact you'll be considered as website copy. Website copy plays a vital role in extending your site from beyond an information source to something that really converts visitors into customers.

Website copywriting services

A good website copywriter or SEO expert will be capable of generating text for your site that contains engaging and exciting content that contains copy that is effectual in converting visits into sales. Online copywriting experts are well-organized to work with and are able to use their knowledge of what works and what doesn't work to improve the usability and navigation of your site while also presenting compelling web copy.

If you've previously generated web content for your site, you may wish to hire an online editor to assess it on your behalf and re-engineer it in order to maximize the effectiveness of the copy contained within it. On the other hand you could consider proofreading services, which you can utilize to make sure that your website copy as well as content is error free.



    Friday, February 26, 2010

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