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Different Types of Headlines Commonly Used in SEO Copywriting

The headline or the title of the content is the one that creates the first as well as best impression on a reader's psyche. Without a proper headline, it can even mean that the rest of the content does not exist. An impressive headline can do much more than capturing the reader's interest. It can also communicate the entire message to the audience.

Read below to see dissimilar kinds of headlines

Direct headlines:

These headlines as the name suggests, straightaway get into the mind of the readers. An act of cleverness is not much involved. The headline itself conveys the complete details of the whole content.
Indirect headline:

An indirect headline has a dual meaning and invokes inquisitiveness into the reader's mind. The context doesn't always seem to appear how the reader thinks. There can be a twist to make it more interesting.

News headline:

Just as the title indicates, it is clearly understood that this headline can be used whenever a new version of a product is released or any type of an announcement.

How to headline:

These headlines are becoming very popular these days because they attract a large number of readers. Most of them are used for online tutorials which includes a diversity of topics and Do-It-Yourself (DIY).

Command headline:

This is one of the most common headlines used by the majority of the e-commerce sites and online magazines where the site contains subscription forms as well as online advertisements.

Question headline:

These headlines also have gained popularity. Lots of internet users browse for answers on the web. They straightaway type their questions on the search engines. Therefore, your title being one of the questions searched may be a great advantage.

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