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Search Engine Optimization - INDIA SEO'S Experts Plan

Experts Plan
Keyword research using wordtracker, Overture and google adwords
SEO Consulting
Guaranteed Placements
Keywords Optimization(No.of words targeted minimum)
Link Popularity Building
ComprehensiveMonthly Ranking Reports
Extensive Competitive Analysis for better search engine ranking performance
Technical Support
Phone support and online support
Spell Checking
SEO Copywriting
Image Optimization
Creation of Meta information (title, description, keywords)
Hand Submission to Dmoz directo
Dmoz title and description optimization and submission
Website Usability Analysis by Usability and copyediting expert
Creation of robots file
Resubmission of sites to certain search engines if necessary
Submission to important paid inclusion directories
MOD_Rewrite / URL rewrite for Dynamic sites for better search engine crawling
Buying text link advertisements from relevant sites to increase the link popularity of the site*
Signed up contract for half yearly or yearly placements
Website Load time checking with customized tools
Search engine submission by hand to all the major search engines
Site map for better crawling of your site
Search Engine Algorithm Updates
Guaranteed Website Inclusion into Google Search Engine
100% Guaranteed Uptime during site Modifications
Multiple CD Burned backups of Optimized pages and site
Yahoo Directory Inclusion*
Website Analysis
HTML Validation Checking
Browser Compatibility Checking
First Page Rankings in Google and Yahoo Guarantee
SEO Ranking Setup Fee
1400$ USD
Link Building/Link Popularity Increase Free For this plan
150 links
Additional Link Building/ Link Popularity Increase rates ( 100 reciprocal links )
600$ USD
Additional Link Building/ Link Popularity Increase rates ( 100 non reciprocal links )
900$ USD
Monthly Maintainence Charges ( Optional Depends on the Agreement )
300$ USD

INDIA SEO'S Expert Plan Enhanced Addon Features:

INDIA SEO'S Expert Plan Features:

Keyword research using wordtracker, Overture and google adwords:

One of the basic steps in search engine optimization is keyword research. Here competitive keywords relating to the site and unique to your domain are found.. Keyword research is done to maximize the impact of search engine optimization. When the site ranks well more and more relevant customers come to the site leading to an increase in conversions and hence income for the site. The accurate identification and careful selection of these important keywords and key phrases can literally make or break any web site or online business.

SEO Consulting:

We provide Seo consulting services, which mean that we help get your site, ranked on the major search engines. For this we visit your site and provide a report on what has to be done to see that your site ranks. Both on page and off page factors are modified to make each page search engine friendly. INDIA SEO'S Provides Professional search engine optimization and SEO consulting for all type of projects.

Guaranteed Placements:

We guarantee you that we will place you on top for your competitive keywords in major search engines like Google. This will bring targeted traffic to your site and increase the overall sales for your site. A better placement than your competitors ensures that you have an edge over them.

Link Popularity Building:

Link Popularity refers to the number of links pointing to your site, from other sites on the web. There are other terms in Link popularity. Some of them are Link building, In Bound Links (IBLs) etc. The Search Engines consider your site important and rank it higher if several other sites link to your site. There are two types of links you can establish on the web. One type is to trade links Link Exchange), where you give a link from the links Page on your site to the partner sites. The second method is to establish ‘only-incoming' links also called ‘one-way links' or ‘Non-Reciprocal links”. One way are links established on the other websites where you do not need to link back to them. There are several ways of developing Inbound links,

Some of the techniques we follow in One way link building are,

a) Submitting to Free Directories,
b) Submitting to Paid Directories **
c) Buying relevant text link Advertisements from established sites in your industry,
d) Writing articles and submitting to various sites for publishing to increase link popularity of site,
e) Press releases to increase link popularity,
d) Sending requests to established sites explaining about the site quality and asking for links,

In link exchange process, you trade links with prospective partner sites by offering a link to their site from your own site. We provide reciprocal link building services to increase the link popularity of your site. We also maintain a list of all our partner sites and check that they maintain the links. There are some sites, which delete the links after their links have been placed on your site. We ensure that this doesn’t happen. We see to it that your site has links to relevant sites. Using customized software like our automated crawlers we ensure that the partner sites maintains your links without deleting it. This method is the cheapest way to establish several hundred links to your website.

Comprehensive Monthly Ranking Reports:

INDIA SEO'S keeps you up-to-date with all that is happening between your site and search engines. In the ranking reports that we provide every month, we inform you about any changes that have to be made on your site, its current ranking and reasons for any changes in the ranking.

Keywords Optimization (No. of words targeted minimum):

The first job of any search engine optimization company is to find the relevant keywords. The next step is to optimize these keywords. The keywords should be relevant to the site as well as being unique from the keywords of your competitors. We will be optimizing keywords present in the HTML title tag, body elements to make the site is keyword rich which is again a very important part of search engine optimization (SEO). We do semantic analysis by an expert to make sure that the document is best for the latest search engine algorithms.

Technical Support:

Our team of experts are always around to ensure that you get all the technical support you want –be it initially or while we are maintaining your website for you. We provide phone support, email support, voice chat, etc. If you experience any technical difficulties just mail us and we assure you that you will receive a reply within 3 hours. This facility is available to you 24 hours a day 7 hours a week.

Phone support and online support:

Our search engine optimization (SEO) professionals are dedicated to offer you the very best support through live chat, mail and by phone to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have at any time of the day. This facility is available to you 24 hours a day 7 hours a week.

Spell Checking:

INDIA SEO'S offers you the additional service of spell checking the contents of your website. Websites, which are grammatically perfect, are better ranked than sites that have a lot of errors and spelling mistakes. Hence we ensure that your site is perfect when it comes to spelling and grammar. We also see that any additional drafts, re-phrasing, etc. that we do are equally perfect. Search Engines are moving more and more towards semantic algorithms so Spell checking is an important feature for any site.

SEO Copywriting:

SEO copywriting is rewriting the text on your site in such a way that it becomes search engine friendly while remaining appealing to the surfer. We also write best readable search engine friendly copies to bring relevancy to the site, INDIA SEO'S copy writes your site contents in such a manner that search engines rank your page highly. Keywords relevant to your site are optimized so that your site ranks high when search engines crawl your site. We direct targeted traffic to your site, ensure that they are provided with the specific information and hence increase sales for you. Our copywriting services include modifying your site, headings, HTML text, layout, design and even images where needed.

Image Optimization:

Image optimization is significant when it comes to search engine optimization. However they can be optimized to get your site ranked high. INDIA SEO'S uses the “alt attribute” or “alternate text” for an image. Using this attribute make search engines rank your site higher. This is also useful to improve the usefulness of your document for people having text only browsers as 2-3 words describe the image they are unable to see.

Creation of Meta information (title, description, keywords):

Meta information is used to provide additional information about HTML documents so that the search engine crawlers are able to index the information more accurately. The Meta tag has three possible attributes content, http-equiv, and name.

There are 3 important types of Meta tags as far as search engine optimization is concerned:

Title tag - Title tag is not a Meta tag. However title tags play a vital role in your site’s rankings. It is these words or phrase that appear as the title of your page in the hyperlink listings on the search engine results. Hence INDIA SEO'S gives a lot of importance in the creation of title tags. We include the most relevant and specific keywords or key phrases in the title tag that describe the contents of the page aptly.

Meta description tag - This gives a short and concise summary of your website page. It is mostly these words that are placed in SERP just below the title tag to give a brief description of your page. INDIA SEO'S ensures that the Meta description tag is brief but with all the keywords included and also that it is different and customized for each page.

Meta keywords tag - We create the Meta keywords tag for you with a maximum of 15 non-repetitive, competent keywords. This is sure to help you get your site ranked among the top sites for the relevant keywords.

Hand Submission to Dmoz directory:

Dmoz directory is the biggest directory on the web and an inclusion in the Dmoz directory is very valuable to any site. INDIA SEO'S realizes the importance of this and hence provides the service of hand submission to dmoz directory. We realize that 1 link in the Dmoz directory is worth a 1000 other links. There are many sites out there which Uses Dmoz Dump also called the dmoz directory data to create their own directories, So the sites which uses dmoz dump will have an extra listing for every site which used dmoz data.

Dmoz title and description optimization and submission:

Dmoz is the ultimate directory of the web, they power the google directory and 1000s of smaller directories, Search Engines feel dmoz listing is an expert listing for a site, An expert document is a collection of links without any affiliate links in it, Dmoz is one such directory since it is edited by human editors who check each and every site carefully with lots of patience. They take all precautions to avoid spam sites and this makes Dmoz the best directory for all search engines. A listing in dmoz is a vital boost for all sites, We do hand submission to dmoz directory optimizing the title and description, A inclusion in Dmoz depends on the editor of the category. If the category is an active category the editor will edit the category often and add new sites or else if the category editor is not active it takes a lot more time for site inclusion. We don’t guarantee a inclusion in dmoz since it is not in our hands but we do the submission with perfect title and description according the Dmoz guide lines.

Creation of robots file:

A robots file is a file on a website in the root directory which determines which search engines have access to which pages within a website. INDIA SEO'S understands the need for robots file because search engines can’t crawl your sites without robots file. Hence we pay a lot of importance to the proper creation of robots file.

Resubmission of sites to certain search engines if necessary:

Certain search engines are not too active in crawling sites. They some times drop sites which are pretty old in their database. For these type of smaller search engines resubmission becomes necessary. We resubmit to these search engines so that the site stays fresh in their index.

MOD_Rewrite / URL rewrite for Dynamic sites for better search engine crawling:

Search Engines are not too comfortable with dynamic URLs, especially URLs with multiple query strings are difficult to understand by the search engines. For this we use a technique called Mod_rewrite to rewrite the URLs to make it search engine friendly. This service applies for dynamic sites, especially sites which deal with lots of products and complex transactions.

Buying text link advertisements from relevant sites to increase the link popularity of the site:

Today search engines consider anchor text in inbound links from established relevant sites a major part in the ranking algorithm. Good relevant anchor text will bring targeted traffic as well as good exposure to visiting search engines, Search Engines are moving more towards link algorithms and we make sure that we are upto the mark by placing the links on good targeted sites. This service is a bit costly and applies to only higher plans.

Website Load time checking with customized tools:

Search Engines are just like any other good browsers. Some sites wont perform well if they don’t load will to the search engines, Search Engines don’t like sites which takes a lot of time to load and they sometimes ignore those type of sites and place them a lot lower than fast loading sites in their index. So good loading time is mandatory for sites. We make sure we do good image optimization and other high density stuff and make sure the site loads very fast for all search engine crawlers.

Search engine submission by hand to all the major search engines:

Not all search engines find sites by links, There are many smaller search engines which need manual submissions to get the sites included. Though these search engines provide small amount of traffic those traffic is sometimes highly targeted. We at INDIA SEO'S make sure we submit the site by hand to all major search engines which don’t use link crawlers to find sites.

Site map for better crawling of your site:

Sitemap is necessary for sites which are pretty large and for sites which don’t have proper crawling capabilities. There are some sites which have their menu in scripts or mouseover or flash etc, Search Engines don’t like these stuff they like straight forward text links or image links for better crawling. We at INDIA SEO'S make sure we have proper text links to all the important pages of the site Via anchor text to make the site best crawlable.

Search Engine Algorithm Updates:

Search Engines are not the same everyday. They keep changing their algorithm to stand the tough competitive market, Search Market is very competitive and there are 100s of new search engines coming out everyday. To keep up to this trend search engines update their ranking algorithm to find the most relevant document for the query. Google the No.1 search engine is known to do update minor changes to their algorithm at least 10 times per month, We at INDIA SEO'S have dedicated algorithm experts to analyze changes in the algorithm and do changes to the pages accordingly.

Guaranteed Website Inclusion into Google Search Engine:

We guarantee inclusion into the No.1 search engine Google. Today most of the search users are google users, we will make sure your site is not involved in any bad ethics and is perfectly placed in the google search engine results.

100% Guaranteed Uptime during site Modifications:

We guarantee 100% uptime of site during all modifications done by us to your site, We have worked with large ecommerce sites with 1000s of unique visitors per day and we have made it sure we don’t do any mess up with the site. We take all precautions during modifications and we also make sure we have latest copy in all our systems.

Multiple CD Burned backups of Optimized pages and site:

We take multiple backups of all sites we are optimizing, we store the backups in high quality Cds to make sure they are preserved.

Yahoo Directory Inclusion:

Yahoo directory is an important directory used by 1000s of visitors everyday. A listing in yahoo directory is very useful to send targeted traffic as well as very good exposure to visiting search engines, Yahoo charges an amount of 299$ per year for listing in their directory.

This is what they say on their site about express inclusion in yahoo directory.
For web sites that do not feature adult content or services, the Yahoo! Express service costs US$299 (nonrefundable) for each Directory listing that is submitted. Furthermore, for each listing accepted into the Directory, there is a recurring annual fee of US$299 to maintain the listing in the Directory for the subsequent year.

Website Analysis :

INDIA SEO'S is currently offering a website analysis as part of the website marketing campaign to determine the sites capabilities for search engine optimization and PPC services, we do in-depth website analysis and provide a detailed report on what has to be done to the site, We will then implement all the changes needed to the site.

HTML Validation Checking:

We do HTML validation for sites which needs it. There are some sites which are coded badly and it is a big block for visiting crawlers we recode those pages and make then search engine friendly.

Browser Compatibility checking:

Search Engine optimization is not all about building sites for search engines, users should be an important consideration when optimizing a site. We check the site in all the available browsers like Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Neoplanet browser, AOL Browser, Netscape Browser etc, A wider list of browsers we perform testing is listed here (

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