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Image Optimization In SEO For Faster Loading Of Sites

Usage of internet all over the world is on regular grow and newer technologies have come up to make it faster and better. Previously dial-up connection was used by most of the internet users but now broadband is replacing it. Thus far major portion of net users are hooked to dial-up connection for web connection.

Websites would load properly with this connection containing text part, but trouble arises in image loading. They retard the loading time, making the users irritated and restless. Thus balance has to be maintained among the image loading time and right amount of images necessary to attract users.

After making selection of the images you want to upload on your site, then go about optimizing them for decreasing the loading time. In the process of image optimization, all needless information is removed from the file to reduce its size. If it is done in proper format than the appearance of the image will remain same.

Many times the images that you get from stock photo sites or digital cameras are too large in size. Their size can extend up to 2000 pixels high and 3200 pixels wide, which is very big for any web page. But for a site an image should be wide between 200 to 400 pixels. Maintaining this size would place the picture in proper format on the web page and also leave sufficient space for menus and content.

The big images can be cropped and made smaller by using Photoshop tool or any other image editor. Thus when the pixel size is reduced, the quality of the image remains the same and size also decreases. There is another method of decreasing image size, by saving the picture in a particular format when doing website designing.

After that re-save them as JPEG images, this format eliminates the needless information without affecting the visual quality of it. The format in which you save the picture affects the way it's being perceived, as a logo or else a image. The reason behind is pictures that are saved in JPEG format have better color quality. A logo that has more number of flat areas of color have to be saved in GIF for image optimization.

We all know that images are an integral part of every site, all text site is never liked by the users. Thus in order to attract the users they're to be used, here you can save on the loading time by carrying out image optimization.



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