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Guide For Beginners To Link Building in SEO

One of the most significant parts of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is building right kind of links and that also in right amount. When there were not any search engines like Google, yahoo, MSN etc links didn't have that much importance. But in these days when mighty search engines control the world of internet links have emerged a thing of special attention. Keep in mind the art of building links are not mechanical. You just can't get some hard and fast rule that can make you a victorious link builder. Had it been that easy there would not be such interest in link building. Each one would just follow the rules and execute the task of link building in a jiffy. Sheer creativity and intelligence play the role of decider at the end of the day about link building.

When you're building links then you've 2 types of motivators. These are search engines, especially Google and the search engine users or visitors. Both the search engines as well as search engine users are important for you. The goal of SEO is to attract high volume site traffic. Again good links are helpful in securing ranking by search engines. You have to remember if you adopt unfair method in building links to get high Website Traffic, you might be blacklisted by search engines. That will be the end of your story. But among the 2 factors to be exact search engines like Google, yahoo, MSN and search engine users or visitors, the later group are more important than the former. So you must start the task of building link by primarily keeping people in mind not search engines. It is the high website traffic that is the objective of search engine optimization.

Though there are countless linking opportunities all links are not of same importance. Some links have higher value than others. Obviously it is the valuable group that you must take into your consideration if you want to get high website traffic. But how you will differentiate a good quality link from low quality ones? Good quality links have numerous characteristics that put them in an exclusive group.

The first quality is credibility. A good quality link always comes from a reliable source. Search engine users take these links seriously as they're associated with some sites which are already trusted by many. Secondly, a good quality link is always relevant and this quality of relevancy is very much significant. These links are relevant to your requirement. You'll great help from these links if you try to actually buy the product or service. Thirdly, valuable links are in no way out of context. Valuable links are found in pages which are specially focused on keywords or key phrases. These pages which focus on keywords or key phrases are generally ranked well.

Apart from these there are other characteristics like authority of sources and associated cost. It always costs to make a valuable link. However this investment returns heavily as a good link always gives good business as it attracts high website traffic. Yet again a valuable link cannot be found easily. It is tough and requires some investment to obtain good quality links. You get these links in some pages where your competitors don't have any access.



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