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Backlinks - How Much SEO Traffic is Your Website Getting?

As many of you may know, back-links are used to find out the importance of a site. What Ideally happens, is that someone likes your website and links to it for others to find.

When targeting a particular keyword, it is advised that the keyword be in the anchor text that is linking back to your website. In essence, the more back-links you manage to get, the better. Linking will help you move up the search engine rankings moreover it will also help show you as an authority in the niche that you're promoting.

Success with search engines is reliant on how well you do keyword research. You'll rank well if you manage to find a keyword with low competition and lots of searches.

Backlinks are a good way to generate targeted website traffic. With that said, there are lots of ways to obtain back-links that point back to your website.

As soon as you decide to start building back-links, think about these methods:

Forums- find several web forums and place a back-link pointing back to your website.

Blogs- find blogs related to your niche and place comments along with links pointing back to your website.

Social media- social media websites are excellent ways to build backlinks.

Using link wheels. A link wheel is the process of having some web 2.0 sites pointing to each other and the main domain. This approach has been known to help with increasing page rank to websites. You start off with one social media website and have it point to the next. You'll also have it point to your main URL. You go on to do this until you create a "wheel." An open link wheel is a variation of the same method. The main dissimilarity is that the wheel is not fully closed. Remember that both the last and first social media website in your wheel will not point to each other. Social media websites include places like Squidoo, Hubpages, and WordPress.