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Shopping Feeds Optimization

We provide you more and more information’s on shopping feed services and we can offer in the near future. One of the main benefits of shopping search engines is that they allow businesses to place their online stores in front of shoppers where they are already transacting. When we’re ready we offer service that optimizes and send your shopping feeds to shopping search engines including Froogle, NexTag, Bizrate, Yahoo shopping and Mysimon to name a few.

We offer online shopping is safe and satisfying, if you start by doing a bit of detective work on both products you buy and online merchants who sell them.

Shopping Search Engines make our work simpler and easier for people to find information about products for sale online. They offer specialized features that allow shoppers to compare product pricing, product type and online stores across the world. Here we tell you that how special a shopping search engines were created and content from ecommerce or merchant sites can be included in them.

Search Engine advertising appears in the search results before the product-page data on some shopping search engines. Merchants always evaluate the time, expense, and ROI for ad buying and optimization.

Shopping Comparison Engines

These are excellent opportunity for online retailers to expand their reach by leveraging the power and popularity of high traffic sites. By providing data feeds of products to popular shopping comparison engines like yahoo shopping, froogle, etc… consumer are able to research, locate and to select your products for purchase.

Comparison Shopping has grown beyond Haggle Hunting

Normally online comparison shoppers still go for bargains, and most sites continue to identify best deals, there are alert shoppers to products within a desired price range. Now days new trends are emerging consumers are using the sites to compare other features and functionality, along with user and merchant reviews. But some site has found that consumers may not choose lowest price. Many look at the other user’s comment on a merchant and often errand brand-name product from better-known vendors. This is best suitable for business users who are willing to pay a little more to avoid late shipment or poor services from an unknown vendor.

Have a Look how Consumers using on-line Shopping Site

Consumer types in their search terms, immediately site list of vendors available. Many sites are there which compute shipping prices, sales tax and show how other shoppers rated the product. Consumer picks a product and is taken to the merchant’s web site check – out. Merchant pays the shopping comparison site a click – through referral fee, and merchants have the option to pay extra for higher listing as a “featured merchant”

Shopping Feeds are important source for businesses with large product catalogs. They accept formatted XML feeds with your product data. When users search for product using your catalog, links to those products are made visible in search engines helping coerce customers to related products on your site. However it is not easy to just submit your content. Feeds require optimization and monitoring to ensure that you are getting the desired performance. Inceptor implements on-going optimization to make your feeds as efficient as possible.

Froogle, NexTag, Bizrate and many more……..are upcoming comparison site are leaving it up to merchants to fight for consumers. You may be confused which one is the best. Don’t worry India Seos gives you a best solution.

What you do with your data at rear end is imperative in achieving strong results in shopping search

Feed the Comparison Shopping Sites

Each shopping comparison site accepts data feed format in a slightly different format i.e. uses a slightly different naming convention, different specification, and different inclusion policies. Some are fee for inclusion (make a note fro ogle is free of cost). Data feeds initially require title, body copy, description, URL, and keywords.

Properly Optimize your data feed before it is uploaded – Select your keyword products properly, writing carefully and descriptions. As a result of proper content optimization of their web content, your products will prove up under interrelated search terms and you’ll surely boost your odds on being listed at the top of the search results.

We can help out you! Talk to us!

We develop and optimize XML trusted feed services for all the major shopping search engines. We design, launch, build and even manage your programs, based on how your product database changes i.e. it changes daily, weekly, monthly, or by season or special event.

Want your business to be a player on shopping comparison sites?

High conversion rate is the key factor for merchant profitability at the shopping comparison sites. Savvy shoppers are regular users of these sites. Abundance hinges on driving a conversion rate that delivers acceptable ROI against click cost. Sturdy consumer-centric site contents and user-friendly shopping basket systems are essential contributors to the conversion process.

A Merchant who has highest price points for a given product will not fare well on comparison shopping sites. For them, a productive tactic would be to place alcove products in the shopping search and search out product areas not being covered by competitors.




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