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Shopping Cart Customization Service

We are there to organize, amalgamate, and implement a wide range of shopping carts and other third party internet and ecommerce products, tools, services, applications for your website.

We have made available a unique, effective, lower-cost, ordering system and highly customizable shopping cart. This shopping cart system has been designed and built on the base of extensive first-hand experience of a wide variety of commercial and custom-built shopping carts and ordering systems.

This is one of the fastest ways to get your store online! Allowing store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with least effort… start your selling within a minute once your account is activated! This is suitable for both small businesses as well to larger business, home based business, and also useful to those who want to establish an online store! So why waiting and wasting your time? Start selling your products and earn more!

It is vibrant storefront management and development system that enables merchants to create, develop and to sustain an online storefront presence easily, all from their web browser. From easy point-and-click look and feel enrichment to advanced management of order and customer data, our e-store can do it all.

Hurry Check it out these!

1. For basic usage no need of html or web designing knowledge.

2. Start making sales! Yes, we provide a free support to get your store up and running.

3. Here buying and selling process on the web is very easy, efficient shopping cart to set up your online store on the internet thus enabling you to spotlight on your business.

4. We have all latest development in inter online store technology and all updates are free to all customers! Enjoy this opportunity!

Shopping cart and e-commerce hosting allows for creation, full customization and management of your own store. There will be our own secure control panel where you can delete, add, edit, set sales taxes, credit cards, view orders, tag products, assigning various discounts, then managing global inventory and even configure shipping lots more… we also utilize a secure socket layer for enhanced security. You can construct a customizable catalog, search and individual item display.

Working of Shopping cart is very simple! True try it out

Order information’s and basket is been stored in customer’s session, cart has no database. It is not a product catalogue and it is intended to work with your existing product catalogue.

Shopping carts generate a unique order ID number vital for some payment providers. Orders are saved in disk it also provide features of larger shopping cart software packages.

It is robotically attuned with any payment solution which has HTML interface to payment gateway. It is designed in such a way that it is lithe enough to furnish for a wider range of particular requirements.

Add to cart buttons are plain html can be placed within your existing product catalogue. Cart provides a transparent layer between your website and your payment processor; this enables your online customers to buy various items in same purchase. Cart calculates order total, postage/shipping and delivery charges. Cart transfer your customer to your payment processor in order to complete the purchase. Cart sends order notification email to merchant. This email has contained all the information regarding order and customer. Finally a confirmation email with be sent to customer. It connects to wider variety of databases. Cart in order to facilitate customer application integration it can perform an HTTP request to your application.

Shopping Cart System

PHP Shopping Cart application and includes scripts and all template files and sample email templates. PHP4.5, windows…Purchase our shopping cart system very simple! Come on start browsing our website choose from the given options.

Installation and Customization

We install a shopping cart for you, if choose this option then we will also customize the look and feel of the shopping cart as closely as possible with your website. Apart from this we also advise how one gets benefited by most effectively from advanced features of cart.

Maintenance and Support

We take care of monthly updates to your product catalogue including:

1. Addition of new products and removing outdated products.
2. Changes to merchandise prices and descriptions.
3. Changes to the cart messages which are displayed to the customer
4. Any mandatory updates to the arrangement of the cart.

In addition we also update the look and feel of your shopping cart it you change the design theme of your main website.

Feature Summary of Shopping Carts shopping cart will facilitate your online patrons to buy manifold items in the same purchase.

Shopping Cart Fully Customizable

This shopping cart is fully customizable and can be impeccably added to your website. To support customizability templates are used to display all pages and text of emails.

Html Based Payments

This is pre-configured to use world pay payments and so it can be configured to work with almost any payment solution. There templates to make use of several popular payment systems.

Easy Integration

Cart enables an easy integration with other application. It is not a product catalogue and there’s no necessary for a database. It is a transparent layer between your website and your payment processor, and is intended to work with your existing product catalogue. It can add orders to a remote database and run an SQL statement, stored procedure…

Multi Currency

No limit! Multi number of currencies that can be used in the shopping cart.

Translation into Other Languages

Shopping cart messages can be customized and so they can be used in any language. This capability to handle any currency and to translate into any language proves that is suitable for international projects.

Shopping carts installation is easy. Its folder just needs to be placed on a website running PHP, write permission are needed on the log files. The heart of shopping cart is a single stand-alone PHP script, which is companionable with most of websites and versions of PHP. Components need not to be installed.

Data Base is not Necessary

Since it is a product catalogue needs no database. It is a transparent layer between your payment processor and your website. Works with existing product catalogue. Customer’s information’s are stored in cookie and order data is in user’s session. Order details will be mailed to merchant and to customers during order. If need save orders to a file.

Integration with other Database

Even though cart does not require a database, it can connect to MS Access, MySQL, and DSN database connections. Carts can also export orders to a comma-delimited text file to easily import back into most applications.

Advanced Application Integration

Shopping Cart provides a number of extra features. An order notification email will be sent to merchants that contain all the information regarding order reference number, customer details, all item details etc... Extra information’s are captured, and cart attaches these information’s automatically that is entered at the time of order. This format is also customizable.

Format of email confirmation to customers are customizable. Format is based on template.

Fulfillment Instruction Emails

It can send an extra emails to supplier or to other contact involved with after sales fulfillment.

Customer detail is stored in cookies.

Online Stores and Shopping Carts

We are dedicated yourself to in the amalgamation of internet payment solutions with existing shopping carts, and also afford custom-built shopping carts and ecommerce applications.

Shopping Cart Management Services and Customization

We are able to employ, organize, and incorporate and also to adapt a wider range of shopping carts and other third-party internet and ecommerce products, request and services for your websites. Apart from this we also offer ecommerce database, estore, eshop, hosted shopping cart, php cart, e business, online sales, etc…

Free and Commercial Shopping Carts

Browse out! There are many commercial and free shopping carts are available on internet, come and check out with us! We tell you best place for popular shopping carts and online store software websites.

We also optionally provide ongoing management and maintenance on monthly basis for most of third – party products and services.

Have you chosen a service? If not then we can also recommend an apt selection and offer sovereign advice. Yes contact us about shopping cart, we provide you sufficient details. Apart from this we are also able to implement, manage and customize a wide range of other shopping carts and ecommerce software.




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