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Search Engine is a scheme that allows online business and Service providers for adding website by using keywords that are consonant product and services. They are marked as advertisements or “sponsored links” and appear beside or above the search engine's listings. User clicks, pay per click! So why delay! Don't wait; install these tracking tools to establish your success!

Catch out! Search engine optimization TIPS!

This concept can be quiet confusing and difficult to get understand. Don't worry here are some tips to help you with the process. They cover optimizing your webpage very quickly and easily.

Potential Design Problems

If your site does not use JavaScript, flash, frames etc... Please skip to next tip. Unfortunately some of them site design that can make very difficult for search engines to list your web pages no matter you just submit to us. We list them here, save you from trying to list a site that will be difficult to get listed.

Optimize for Correct Keywords

Optimize the page to your best so that get correctly listed by search engines. Choosing right keyword is essential. If keyword is wrong then it will not be found in search engines, if not then how will anyone find your site? So choose appropriate keyword!

Optimization of Title Tag

Title tag is most important factor for optimizing your web page for search engines. This is because most of engines and directories give high level of importance on keywords that are found in your title tag. <TITLE> and </TITLE> - learn to optimize them. Placement of tag should be between <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags.

Page Copy Optimization

This is also very important to get better search engine listings. Here ‘copy' means actual text that a visitor would read. Visitor figure out what search engines do? What you have offered? What you think when search engines looking for when they ‘read' your page copy? For a best result each page must have at least 200 words on copy, make use of phrases that you are used in other tags, adding additional copy filled pages.

Optimization of Meta Tags

Find out important information about your page that might have had difficulty determining otherwise. There's certain limit for keywords and description of Meta tag and see that they should not exceed their limits.

“Alt” Attributes Optimization

Image on your page can help your listing? Did you know that? Each image can have a keyword phrase. Text will show up and help those that may have their images turned off when visiting your website. Add your “alt” attribute to any image on your page. But make sure that you won't cramp bunch of keywords in “alt” attribute, describe the keywords properly.


Optimizing Text Hyperlinks! Did you know text based hyperlinks can improve your listing in search engines? Basically search engines points out that if you're linking to something from your page, whatever it is your linking is likely to be closely related to content of your page. due to that reasons some of the engines looks for keywords in hyperlinks and any text immediately surrounding the hyperlinks, means that if you can then include your most important keyword phrases in the link itself and possibly surrounding text.

Watch Out! Tag Tips

Try to include important keyword phrases within the hyperlink, in the text that immediately follow the hyperlink, your links and surrounding text should be readable and make a sense after including a keyword phrase or two.


Optimizing Heading Tags! They are “headings” so search engines figures that they are closely related to content of the page that they appear on. So, just along with your other optimization efforts you have to include the most important keyword phrases in the heading tags on your page if you can.

Heading can go anywhere on your HTML page.

There are four different sized HTML heading tags and are formatted as:
<h1>heading size 1</h1>……. Till <h4>heading size 4</h4>

Gaze at These Tag Tips

Include your important keyword phrases in heading tags on your page, rethinking of your page content, take an existing page full of copy and find break it up into separate sections with headings.




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