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Google Indexes Your Site!

Catch out these guidelines and improve ranking of your site!

What is “Bot”? It is a piece of software from search engine which builds up every page in your site, sort out those pages and also place them into database.

There are three known bots namely,


This helps you to crawl the trendiest pages on your site. No matter even your website has one page or thousands of pages, freshbot crawls for every ten minutes yes it's true. Check out with or has pages that are crawled for every ten minutes. A distinctive site expected to have freshbot that visit every one to fourteen days. But all these things depend upon popularity of those pages.

If freshbot finds out all deeper links in your site then it place them into database so that DeepCrawl can easily allusion them as they occur. DeepCrawl bot visit your site once a month, and goes all over the links found out by Freshbot. This is the reason why Google takes one month to index your site.

So keep on working for your site, try to add valuable information's and get more in-bound links to your site. Finally you see Google reward for it.

Have Adsense in your site, well then go for Adsense bot. once new page has been created, JavaScript sends a message to Adsense bot, it will take at least fifteen minutes to index the page and so your site can give up the most pertinent ads.

Yahoo Indexing Your Site

Yahoo is one the most important index on the internet.

First in each category yahoo list out the sites in alphabetically by title. So if your site starts with numbers or letter say A, B, or C prefers it. Make a note that if you are running a business then yahoo asks to make use of actual business name as your title. Yahoo have most popular sites being listed first but your site find it to be difficult to get in to it right! Simple make your site alphabetically high it gives you the best. Make a not most of them find our information's by searching not by drilling down in the categories.

Secondly, choose a category with a few entries as long as your site name is alphabetically good. Put forth question to our selves that will I be visible on average browser's window without scrolling? Some achieve it and some may not. Don't get worried. It is just a minor fault.

Thirdly, never mind since yahoo still depends upon Google for their search result, make sure that your important keywords appears in description, title or in URL. Make a note that only essential keywords are there in description. Yahoo always prefers natural way of working. Get domain name which has your major keywords in it. If so then one can not edit your URL. There should not be overboard stuffing keywords always they should read well and descriptive,

Check out! Yahoo gives you best examples have a look at it!

Let your original entry in yahoo is title: and description is given as, share services which automatically register your site at major search engines. There is free service as well as paid one. Go for paid only if fully satisfied. Hope you know that yahoo searches for string not words. Good results come only if you spend your time in crafting a good description.

Msn Indexing Your Site

Is your site is very old having more than four thousand pages? Google and yahoo have indexed them but MSN only sixteen pages?

Want a solution to your our problem? Well catch these indexing techniques by MSN and get clarify your doubts.

MSN Bot is the MSN Search Web Crawler. It adds information to our search index by automatically crawling the web. MSN Bot looks for links within the websites. Make sure that MSN Bot can find your website is to include some of precious content that other websites will want to link to.

There may be billions of web pages and MSN Bot which crawls all these pages are not indexed. Each site should have some explicit standards. It must meet MSN's standard in all aspect say during technical implementation or design or else content… Say for example if your site's link structure has no links to each page on your site, then MSN Bot won't find all of your site's pages. So make sure that each page on your site should have a link.

Your site should adhere to MSN design guidelines. This will help you to place valuable contents in searchable elements of the page. Make sure that your site won't infringe technical guidelines if so then it is difficult for your site to get appropriate rank.

Want to know if your site has been listed in our index?
Simple! Run queries in MSN Search using the URLs for each of your site's pages as the search terms. Recent changes are there in your site? Recently posted your site? Well then wait for few weeks for your site get update and to appear in MSN Search results.

Type out site: (your web address) then click search.i.e site:

Keep a note – if you follow our guidelines then no need to send your URL to us. Submit your site to us only when your site does not appear in the MSN search results. Submitting doesn't mean MSN will index your site, but helps to locate your site so that MSN Bot can try to crawl it.



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